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Wearing an FFP2 mask

In all hotel interiors, wherever you move, the FFP2 mask requirement applies. You can also purchase these from us at reception. Exceptions are vacation situations such as: at all meals at the table; on the lounger in the wellness area; while sitting comfortably in the lobby with a drink ...

Please always follow your instinct: wearing a mask in the saunas, steam bath, on the treadmill or in the pool is not reasonable for anyone. Please keep the best possible distance from other hotel guests during all activities and thus protect yourself.

How does the wearing of mouth-nose protection and FFP2 masks behave in babies, toddlers and children: Mouth-nose protection is compulsory for children only from the age of 6. If an FFP2 mask is required, this only applies from the age of 14. In principle, children under 6 years of age do not have to wear a mask.

Our employees are also required to wear FFP2 masks. Please understand that there will also be situations where you are used to a slightly different service from us, but we cannot fulfill this due to legal requirements. We will try to make everything as charming as possible so that you can still have the best vacation with us - but also as safely as possible.


Ventilation devices and fresh air supply

The aim should be to introduce as much outside air as is reasonably possible "from outside" into rooms so that there is a continuous exchange of air. This air exchange takes place through natural ventilation through doors and windows, as well as through our mechanical ventilation systems, which are regularly maintained by the company RIEPL from Styria. These are state-of-the-art. In rooms such as the wellness, fitness area, climbing park, massage area and all catering areas, we have multiple, mechanically controlled air changes per hour. If you notice a slight humming or vibrating or there is a little "louder vibration" here and there, then the air exchange has increased automatically via a room sensor. All sensors are set according to "Corona Standards", which means that we carry out an increased air exchange.


Hygiene in the rooms and apartments

For years we have been working with the hygiene market leader HAGLEITNER, whose products are known far beyond our borders. The daily cleaning is adapted to the recommended "Covid regulation". Our maids work with cleaning agents that contain disinfectants. The laundry is washed by a professional company in accordance with strict hygiene regulations and delivered in airtight packaging. Our washing machines have an additional "laundry virus cleaning program" which each item of laundry runs through.

Please wash and disinfect your hands as often as possible and avoid "shaking hands". Just like our employees will forego “close physical contact”.

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