Room overview

Multifaceted living

At Samerhof you can be happy. The nature as setting and an interior with comfort is imagined differently by everyone. Therefore, Samerhof offers multifacets of: luxurious suites, with sensitivenesss accomodated rooms, white or colorful bath rooms. Small rooms or apartments like it’s a house with space for bag and baggage.  Please make a choice.

Rooms main house
apartments main house
single-room rooms neighbour houses
apartments nieghbour houses
holiday flat Nassfeld
Nassfeld apartments

Samerhof inclusive benefits

Food & Beverage

Much of the region is served on our plates.

Activities & Action

Exciting variety of activities around and at Samerhof.

Spa & Relaxation

The wellness & spa area at the hotel is about 1000 m2 thereof 30 m2 sky-pool on the roof.

Child Care

A cool program awaits your kids with games, sports & animation!

Unser Samerhof Nonplusultra NEU IM ROCK’N’ALPINE-STYLE
Ein Haus voller Herzlichkeit mit dem gewissen NON PLUS ULTRA!