Massage offers at Nassfeld – Hotel Samerhof ****

Wellness massages here at Samerhof****



Classische massages
Back massageca. 25 min. € 29,-
Leg massageca. 25 min. € 29,-
Full body massageca. 40 min.€ 45,-
Facial massageca. 20 min.€ 25,-
Foot reflex zone massageca. 25 min.
or 40 min.
€ 29,-
€ 39,-


Special Massages
Lymphatic drainage

Gentle treatment of the lymph nodes and lymphatics, which promotes metabolism and the breakdown of slag.

ca. 40 min. € 44,-
Myofascial treatment

Through tangles, stress, acid excess diet, unilateral movement their fascia loses its elasticity. Through a deep, manual
treatment, these changes are resolved. This is done by cross massage, trigger point treatment and crosstaping.

ca. 25 min.
or 50 min.
€ 38,-
€ 74,-
Gailtaler honey massage

The honey massage is a reflex energetic massage. Disruptions in the energy flow are compensated and various pain
conditions positively influenced. At the same time
the purification of the connective tissue is promoted.

ca. 25 min. € 29,-
Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is a combination of soothing massage with oil and the profound effect of warmed basalt stones. The goal is relaxation and muscular blockages are resolved.

ca. 50 min.€ 60,-
Candle massage (aroma feel-good treatment)

The candle massage is a pleasant, relaxing massage. An important effect is that the ingredients of the candle promote the elasticity of the skin and alleviate muscle discomfort and stress.

ca. 50 min. € 72,-


Special treatments
Sea salt-olive oil scrub

Fresh delicate skin care. Sea salt cleanses and frees your skin of dry skin cells and the olive oil nourishes and protects your skin from harmful influences.

ca. 25 Min. € 41,-
Honey foot bath with foot massage

Supports the purification of the body, helps with colds and blockages and strengthens the defense.

ca. 25 Min. € 36,-


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