We are your family hotel on the slopes at the Nassfeld with SPA WELLNESS, FITNESS & MASSAGEN

OUR SAMERHOF SPA AND WELLNESS AREA with several saunas up to the heated wellness sky pool with a wonderful view directly on the slopes!

Our wellness and spa area

Visit our SPA-area and our heated wellnes-SKY-pool, and allow yourself to be truly pampered! Our complimentary bathrobe service with spa bath towels is available throughout your stay. Children must be accompanied by their parents when going to the sauna. Sauna and bath towels are also provided in the entire wellness area.


Massage area

Our massages for you to enjoy!  To our massage treatments

Grant yourself a soothing massage and let yourself be truly pampered! Best book your massage at your desired date prior to your arrival. Simply send us an email at info@samerhof.at or call us at: +43 4285 52320.


Heated and roofed wellness pool

Heated wellness-sky-pool with view on the slopes at the pistes.
Our heated spa outdoor pool (about 4 x 6 meters; about 30 degrees) is located in 15 meters height, with a perfect view onto the pistes.

For impressions of the pool watch our hotel winter video!


NEW: Infrared alpine hut sauna

Our new alpine hut sauna is equipped with the most modern technology and is already used with great success in the healing medicine. Our fully automatic wellness seats offer relaxation and pure health!


Finish Sauna (90 degrees; dry hot; sweating bath sauna) With integrated color light and music therapy. This sauna developes very high temperatures. A highlight is the special experience sauna “Aufguss” with different healing scents.

Bio-Crystal Sauna (about 45 degrees, wet warm, very comforting; Tepidarium).  With integrated color light and music therapy. Due to the room temperature that is a little bit higher than body temperature the blood circulation of the body tissues are improved. This facilitates  relaxation.

Turkish Steam Bath (about 65 degrees, automatic steaming, very comforting).  Cleaning of the surface of the skin, very comforting and relaxing. Different scents are used, which favor inner calmness and recovery.

Infrared wamrth cabine

Infrared cabines with warmth and light therapy. The most part of the infrared rays is being converted into warmth when contacting with the body and is partly absorbed from the skin. Due to the entering of the warmth into the body a comfortable feeling arises.

Nassfelder cold grotto

After the warmth the body needs cold fresh air. The combination of warm and cold strengthens the immune system.

Cold Shower

The combination warm and cold water increases cardio-vascular activity.


Relaxation room

Resting zone with warm stone therapy. Our resting room In Mediterranean flair is inviting you to recover and enjoy.

Drinking fountain

If you deprive the body of water and minerals, this loss hast to be restored. Our drinking fountain, enhanced with natural minderals, pours out fresh water from the ground.


Our training equipment brand Technogym offer the possibility of many fitness methods. Wellness, fitness and massages provide a perfect combination for a healthy well-being.


Tip: Book your wellness vacation now! or call us at +43 4285 52320